Upgrade to Madmin?

Tim Dowling
Hey Chris, i saw your tweet on Madmin and wondering if you're planning to replace administrate with it in Jumpstart?? I want to make some changes to my admin area but will hold off if this is on the cards :)
Chris Oliver
Soon! Once it's well documented and tested I think we'll make the switch.

If you want to install it and try it out, that'd be great. I need to try it in a bunch of situations and make sure it's solid. 👍
Tim Dowling
Roger, on it :)
William Flanagan
Is there is any sort of doco on making this switch? I'm just starting to flush out the Admin and make it more user friendly and admin (not developer) usable. Hitting roadblocks with Administrate and would love something more consistent. 
Chris Oliver
You'd just install Madmin with the instructions in the readme. github.com/excid3/madmin

Still have some things I want to do before I switch Jumpstart Pro over, but it's coming along nicely I think.
Rob McCormick
Hey  Chris Oliver - any ETA on madmin coming to Jumpstart Pro?
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