Don't show an invoice or anything in the charges table from successful stripe subscription. My webhooks also show successful no errors

Jamie Crone
I have been testing in Dev and cant get the invoicing working. Is it automatic with strip web hooks? 

This is what I show for strip 

$ stripe listen
A newer version of the Stripe CLI is available, please update to: v1.6.3
> Ready! Your webhook signing secret is whsec_xxx (^C to quit)
2021-06-12 20:54:51   --> customer.updated [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQbmzTNoPk]
2021-06-12 20:54:52   --> invoice.created [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQCuZSRfID]
2021-06-12 20:54:54   --> invoice.finalized [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQ5O2XsWEQ]
2021-06-12 20:54:55   --> invoice.paid [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQoc7DCenT]
2021-06-12 20:54:57   --> invoice.payment_succeeded [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQoh8tKObE]
2021-06-12 20:54:57   --> customer.subscription.updated [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQrwaFHQF3]
2021-06-12 20:54:58   --> invoiceitem.created [evt_1J1kPOJ6ifeiPwlQ8yGb2E24]

My subscriptions are working as expected in my app, also show a success on the strip side. Just I don't see any invoices and no revenue in the Admin portal, but do see the subscriptions... Looks like nothing is going into the charges table, am I missing something on the setup? 

Seems like an issue with reading the webhooks
Jamie Crone
I got it working, I had a couple issue. I was reading the pay gem docs which says /pay/webhooks/{provider} but JSP says /webhooks/stripe ... The other issue was during all this I had updated some of the stripe.rb to use billable instead of user, I had to switch back to user to get it to work. 

Didn't help that I wasnt using the stripe listen correctly. I didn't add forward to --
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