Deploying Jumpstart Pro is easy. We've even configured a staging environment for you.

You'll need a Redis and PostgreSQL database setup to deploy Jumpstart Pro.


Jumpstart Pro is preconfigured with two environments for deploying: staging and production.

Background workers will be configured to run in all environments so you will have the same experience in development as you will in staging and production.

Email providers will only be configured for production by Jumpstart Pro, so you don't accidentally send emails to real users in staging.


You will need to take the contents of config/credentials/staging.key or config/credentials/production.key (depending on what env you're deploying) and set the RAILS_MASTER_KEY environment variable to the contents of this file. This will allow staging or production to decrypt your credentials for the correct environment.

Hatchbox is built by the makers of Jumpstart Pro and GoRails. It's a fantastically simple and cheap option for deploying apps to your own servers.


Deploying to Heroku is easy. You'll need to setup Redis and PostgreSQL addons to run your app.

We also include a Procfile to help automatically configure your Heroku processes.

You will need to add the Active Storage buildpack in order to have previews to work with Active Storage file uploads.

heroku buildpacks:add -i 1


We provide a sample Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml for you in case you'd like to deploy your application using Docker.

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