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Turn your Rails app into an iOS app

An iOS app template to supercharge your Rails application with easy native integration.

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Hybrid iOS apps with Hotwire

Hybrid apps make life easy. Enjoy the best of both worlds for quick iteration.

Everything you need out of the box

We've done the hard work for you. All the functionality you'd expect is ready to go including authentication, navigation, and push notifications.

Native Authentication

We've already done the hard work of implementing authentication so users can login from a native view.

Tab Bar

A tab bar makes an app feel native on iOS. You can customize the tabs by simply changing a JSON array and that's it!

Push Notifications

Push notifications and device management are built-in so you can easily send notifications straight to iOS users.

Native when you need it

Hybrid applications let you start with web views and override with native code when you're ready. You'll save a lot of time and money bringing your web app to mobile.

Turbo Bridge

The Turbo Bridge allows you to pass messages between iOS and the web view making it easy to trigger code in either direction. We use this for navigation menus, registering for push notifications, and more.

Built-in API Integration

Native views can communicate with the backend using our built-in API. Create new records, update settings, you name it. Easy to extend and build to your needs.

Meet the developers

We're experienced Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android developers here to make your life easier.

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