What's New

New updates and improvements to Jumpstart

CSS & JS Bundling

We've migrated to using the official Rails CSS & JS bundling packages. The big benefits of this change is speed and reliability.

CSS is directly handled by the Tailwind CLI using Postcss. Javascript is bundled using Esbuild.

Compiling (on my machine) runs in 1s for CSS and 0.2s for Javascript. πŸš€

For those using Heroku, you'll need to explicitly add the nodejs buildpack:
heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs
heroku buildpacks:add heroku/ruby

Currency Formatting

We've updated the Pay gem to include a currency format helper. Jumpstart Pro now uses this anytime Plan or Pay::Charge amount is displayed.

Pay v3.0.0

Jumpstart Pro is now upgraded to use Pay 3.0! πŸ’Έ

This includes a bunch of enhancements:
  • Multiple subscriptions per Account
  • Support for all payment methods like EPS, FPX, iDeal, Venmo, and everything else Stripe and Braintree supports
  • Marketplace payments with Stripe Connect
  • Payment webhooks are stored in the database and processed in the background (useful for Black Friday and other busy apps)
  • New checkout flow
  • Many, many bugfixes

Watch the Upgrade for Jumpstart Pro screencastΒ and check out the Upgrade guide in the repository.


We've migrated to using Pretender (another wonderful Andrew Kane gem) instead of Devise Masquerade. This fixes and improves some the impersonation functionality for an even better experience.

Authorization with Pundit

We've added Pundit for authorization and preconfigured it to work with Account Users so you can easily check roles for the current user and account. Scaffolds have also been updated to include authorization examples.

Jumpstart Pro for iOS! πŸŽ‰

Joe Masilotti and I have been working hard over the last couple months to bring you Jumpstart Pro iOS. It builds upon your Rails application to bring you a native iOS app. Authentication, Push Notifications, and more are all handled for you and it's easy to override web views with native ones. Check out Jumpstart Pro iOS

Two-factor authentication

We've introduced a slick new feature: two-factor authentication! Your users can now enable this in their account settings. They'll be given a set of backup codes they can use to login if they lose their 2FA device and it works with apps like Authy, Google Authenticator, etc. Shout out to Austin Miller for the help on this feature!

Hidden plans and prefixed_ids

You can now mark plans as hidden in the admin. You can use hidden plans to grandfather old customers, setup custom plans, and more. Hidden plans won't be displayed on the Pricing page. We've also added the prefixed_ids gem to the Plan model so the plan IDs are no longer guessable. This helps keep curious users from finding your hidden plans. πŸ‘

Ruby 3.0

Now that Ruby 3.0 has been out for a while without any issues, we've updated Jumpstart Pro to use Ruby 3.0 by default!

Mobile Nav & Notifications page

We've refactored our navigation for mobile to include a simplified navbar. We also added a dedicated notifications page so that users on mobile can see their notifications easily in one place.

Paddle payment provider

We've added Paddle as a payment provider in Jumpstart Pro using the Pay gem. Paddle is a great option if you need to handle taxes, VAT IDs, etc and it even supports PayPal!

Hotwire Support

We've upgraded Jumpstart Pro from Turbolinks to Hotwire and Turbo! Links and form submissions are now handled using Turbo.js. You can use Hotwire to publish realtime updates and add features like inline editing incredibly easily.

Rails 6.1

Rails 6.1 was just released a few minutes ago and Jumpstart Pro is already updated to use it! πŸ”₯

TailwindCSS 2.0

πŸŽ‰ We've updated TailwindCSS 2.0 this week! You can now seamlessly add TailwindUI without any config changes. We're using the Tailwind forms and other plugins by default. This update uses Webpacker from the master branch to use PostCSS 8.0.

Trix test helpers

Using Trix in system tests can be a bit tricky. We've added new system test helpers to make it easy to find and fill in Trix rich text fields in system tests. You can find these in the test/support/system folder. πŸ‘

French Translation

Shout out to Clement C and Hans Lemuet for the new translation of Jumpstart Pro into French. πŸ™

Optional Brakeman check in CI

GitHub Actions and GitLab CI have been updated to include Brakeman security checks. These checks can produce false positives easily, so they're disabled by default but we encourage you to use them to keep an eye on security in your Rails app. Simply uncomment this to run Brakeman security checks on your application during CI.

Ruby 2.7.2 & Rails

We've updated the template to use the latest Ruby, Rails, and other dependencies. πŸ’ͺ

Switch to TailwindCSS' built-in PurgeCSS configuration

Jumpstart Pro previously shipped with PurgeCSS to remove styles. The trouble was that it can be overzealous and remove CSS we need that it can't find (like Trix). Now that TailwindCSS comes with PurgeCSS integration, we no longer have to manage whitelist exceptions to PurgeCSS. πŸŽ‰

All kinds of notifications!

Notifications are here finally! This is a big feature. We support delivering notifications to the database, email, ActionCable, twilio, vonage, and Slack. You'll notice the new notifications bell in the navbar where notifications will be delivered via ActionCable as configured. To learn more, check out the docs here: https://jumpstartrails.com/docs/notifications
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