What's New

New updates and improvements to Jumpstart Pro

Inbound Webhooks

We've made it easier than ever to process inbound webhooks in your Jumpstart Pro Rails applications.

Inbound Webhooks will be received, stored into the database, queued up for processing, and deleted once successfully processed.

Running the generator will create a controller, database model, and background job for processing requests.

± rails g inbound_webhook Zapier
      create  app/controllers/inbound_webhooks/zapier_controller.rb
      create app/jobs/inbound_webhooks/zapier_job.rb
       route  namespace :inbound_webhooks do
                resources :zapier, only: [:create]

TailwindCSS 3.3

We've upgraded to the brand new TailwindCSS 3.3 which include a bunch of nice improvements.

See the release for more details: https://tailwindcss.com/blog/tailwindcss-v3-3

Custom Turbo Stream Actions

⚡️ Jumpstart Pro is now ready for custom Turbo StreamActions out of the box!

Everything is pre-organized so you can create your own turbo_stream helpers on the Rails side and plug in your Javascript actions with examples.

One more thing to save you development time. 💪

ray-so-export (4).png 641 KB

API Clients

Jumpstart Pro now ships with a built-in API client generator. You can use it to create your own API clients for integrations with any API you would like.

As developers, it's easy to reach for Rubygems, but each dependency we add makes it harder to maintain your application. We've found that we need to fork most API Rubygems to fix bugs or implement API features that aren't supported yet in the library. 

Now, our default is to build an API client ourselves. It's easy to maintain, doesn't break from external changes, and only implements the features we need. We've made this available to Jumpstart Pro users to more easily take advantage of building their own API clients.

It's customizable so you can override the authentication or response parsers to work however you need.

You can generate an API client using the following command:
rails g api_client OpenAi
This will generate your API client and test file. You can then implement methods for API endpoints.

Here's an example integrating with the OpenAI API:
class OpenAiClient < ApplicationClient
 BASE_URI = "https://api.openai.com/v1"

 def models

 def completions
   post("/completions", body: {model: "text-davinci-003", prompt: "Say this is a test", max_tokens: 7})
Usage of it would look like this:
OpenAiClient.new(token: "sk-1234").models

Moving Discussions to GitHub & Discord

We're moving the forum for Jumpstart Pro over to Discord and the GitHub repositories. We recommend using the GitHub Discussions so other people can find your questions and answers, but Discord is also a great option if you need some quick help on anything. 👍

Renamed the master branch to main for Jumpstart Pro Rails

We've renamed the master branch to "main" now for Jumpstart Pro Rails. This matches the iOS and Android repos as well as GitHub's default branch naming.

To update your local clones, you can run the following:
git branch -m master main
git fetch origin
git branch -u origin/main main
git remote set-head origin -a

Stripe PaymentElement, Tax, Metered Billing, and more!

This is a major update that upgrades Jumpstart Pro to support a lot of new Stripe features. 

The PaymentElement allows you to collect payments with bank accounts, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and every other payment method that Stripe supports. 

We've also added support for Stripe Tax, metered billing, as well as upgrading to the latest Turbo beta.

TailwindCSS 3.1

We've upgraded to the brand new TailwindCSS 3.1! It comes with some pretty neat improvements making it even easier to build out your frontend designs.

Here are some of the highlights:

Font Awesome 6!

We've upgraded from Font Awesome 5 to 6! Out of the box, you can use any of the free Font Awesome icons. To use Font Awesome's Pro icons, you'll simply swap out one line of code and that's it. 🔥

Check out their changleog to see all the new features: https://fontawesome.com/docs/changelog/

Easy deploying to Render.com

With Heroku's issues lately, a lot of users have been looking for alternatives. We've added a render.yaml file to quickly get you started deploying Jumpstart Pro with Render.

New Command Palette

We've introduced a Command Palette so power users can have quick access to anything in your application.

🎉 Jumpstart Pro Android is now available!

You can now build Android apps with Jumpstart Pro! It uses Hotwire to embed your web application and makes it easy to extend with Jetpack Compose and Kotlin to provide native Android functionality.

Check out Jumpstart Pro Android and see it in action here:

Ruby 3.1

Jumpstart Pro now runs Ruby 3.1!
Check out the Ruby 3.1 release notes to see the new changes like YJIT, the new Debug gem, and more.

🔥 Realtime Rails Scaffolds with Hotwire

We've updated the scaffold generator in Jumpstart Pro Rails to take full advantage of Hotwire. New records will be added, updated, and removed in realtime as actions are taken.

Want to see it in action?

🎉 Rails 7.0 upgrade!

We've updated Jumpstart Pro to the brand new Rails 7.0 release! This version has been tested with Jumpstart Pro since September and includes many great new features.
Read more about the Rails 7.0 changes.

As part of this release, we've replaced attr_encrypted with the built-in Encryption in Rails 7. This keeps our code simpler and better supported in the long run.

Ruby 3.1 only 9 days away, so it's going to be an exciting December. I hope you enjoy the new changes!

TailwindCSS 3.0

The new TailwindCSS version just dropped today (see the announcement) and we've updated Jumpstart Pro to use it. This is primarily internal changes inside TailwindCSS, but has a few small changes that might affect your application.

See the TailwindCSS 3.0 upgrade guide for more information.

CSS & JS Bundling

We've migrated to using the official Rails CSS & JS bundling packages. The big benefits of this change is speed and reliability.

CSS is directly handled by the Tailwind CLI using Postcss. Javascript is bundled using Esbuild.

Compiling (on my machine) runs in 1s for CSS and 0.2s for Javascript. 🚀

For those using Heroku, you'll need to explicitly add the nodejs buildpack:
heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs
heroku buildpacks:add heroku/ruby

Currency Formatting

We've updated the Pay gem to include a currency format helper. Jumpstart Pro now uses this anytime Plan or Pay::Charge amount is displayed.

Pay v3.0.0

Jumpstart Pro is now upgraded to use Pay 3.0! 💸

This includes a bunch of enhancements:
  • Multiple subscriptions per Account
  • Support for all payment methods like EPS, FPX, iDeal, Venmo, and everything else Stripe and Braintree supports
  • Marketplace payments with Stripe Connect
  • Payment webhooks are stored in the database and processed in the background (useful for Black Friday and other busy apps)
  • New checkout flow
  • Many, many bugfixes

Watch the Upgrade for Jumpstart Pro screencast and check out the Upgrade guide in the repository.


We've migrated to using Pretender (another wonderful Andrew Kane gem) instead of Devise Masquerade. This fixes and improves some the impersonation functionality for an even better experience.