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Jumpstart is the perfect starting point for your next Ruby on Rails app. Skip the boilerplate setup and build your app faster.

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Supercharge your Ruby on Rails application

Jumpstart allows you to skip the mind-numbing configuration time and effort of setting up a new ruby on rails application.

Focus on what really matters, turning your idea into a reality. Tap into user authentication, billing, notifications, theming, and more with zero effort.

Maximize time and energy on your idea

We built Jumpstart to get much of the grunt work done from the beginning.

There is no need to set up a new app to accept payments, create a new user authentication system, or even worry about background processing. Jumpstart does just that, jump starts your idea closer to a reality.

Features every app needs and more

From authentication to payment integration, it all comes standard


A fully integrated authentication system to keep your app secure.


Choose from PayPal, Stripe or both to accept any form of payment.


Send emails with attached invoices you can customize.


Make announcements so your customers are always in the loop.

Features/user impersonation
User Impersonation

Easily act as other users to diagnose a bug or confirm a suspicion.

Tailwind CSS

Use a utility-first CSS framework to create a stunning custom design.

Features/api support
API Support

Roll your own API to easily connect with other apps or services.


Let users invite team members to share access to resources.

Features/easy upgrades
Easy Upgrades

Update your Jumpstart installation with a few keystrokes.

@ mentions

Built-in @ mentions for other users using Action Text and Stimulus JS.

Staging By Default

Get a staging environment setup and configured by default.

Social Logins

Login with Twitter, Facebook, and more for easy authentication.

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“We built Jumpstart to solve the repetitive problems of configuring a new rails app ...It's like Laravel Spark, but for Ruby on Rails. All your Rails apps should start off with a bunch of great defaults saving you time and energy.”

What’s new with Jumpstart?

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Jan 6


Rich Text Embeds

You can now embed several different types of content in rich text fields. We've got support for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Imgur, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Vimeo. To embed content from one of these sites, you can click the Link icon, paste in the URL and if the link matches one of the regexes for allowed content, it will display an Embed option that you can click to have your content embedded into the post. This is built on ruby-oembed and ActionText so you can add more providers if you like.

Dec 3


Stripe Test environment links

Now you can click Stripe links in the admin area in development to be linked to the Stripe test environment's charges, subscriptions, and customers. We already do this for Braintree, so now Stripe matches. 👍

Dec 2


Team helpers

We've added some helpers to make it easy to access the current team member and their roles anywhere in your controllers and views. This makes adding permissions much easier throughout your application. Find out more here:

Jumpstart 1.1 Includes
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • TailwindCSS

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