iOS template and JumpstartPro

Alex Núñez
Hi guys!

I'm in the proccess of launching a new web app, and been waiting news from Chris about the Hotwire Turbo Native project with the idea of having an iOS app too. 
The thing is that now that there is a JSP iOS version, do I have to buy a license for the app and replicate the repo or could I use the same app? I'm a little bit confused, here... 

Thanks in advance!
Chris Oliver
The Rails and iOS templates are separate. The iOS repo is a native Swift app that interacts with the Rails app and API using Hotwire. The Rails app is updated with all the required features for that.

Since not everyone needs an iOS app, it's a separate license. You'd want to snag both templates if you want to use them together. 
Alex Núñez
Thanks, Chris. Everything's clear now. I'll buy the ios template. Thanks!
Andrew Ogg
Chris, so I'm a bit late to this question, but I to follow up.  So is starting with the Rails app/license and then picking up the iOS app/license at a later date if it turns out that is the way I want to go with a small app I intend on building a viable strategy? 
Alex Núñez
Hi Andrew, i'm starting that path right today. Tried to use Turbo-ios from scratch but too tricky for me... Have you tried any option?
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