inconsistent erb for pagy_nav? sometimes <%= sometimes <%== sometimes <%%==

I noticed there are 3 different erb formats used for the pagy_nav, whcih seems odd, making me wonder if there might be a bug in the scaffolding.

In case it is a problem, figured JSP maintainers would want to know.

<%= pagy_nav(@pagy) %>
<%== pagy_nav(@pagy) %
<%%== pagy_nav(@pagy) %>
John Quarto-vonTivadar
only the first one is legit ERB of course.  I guess there isn't a test in the test suite for multi-page results, otherwise it might have been caught. Someone else reported this same thing like a week or so ago.
I was confused, googles it, found a page that suggested erb might actually work on one or both of those odd cases, so if thats true  a test case would pass.

However the real issue is whatever generator code they use for adding pagy() is inconsistently handling something.
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