Before buying a license


Being sysadmin, not dev,  I know a little html, css, and js (very basic), what are the requirements to be able to use this platform and build what we have in mind ?

- Is it possible to set a one-shot payment instead of a monthly/yearly payment ?

- Can we also build easily a forum like that for our clients ?


You will need to be pretty good with ruby on rails in order to use this or add features to it.
Is It possible to get a trial version for testing purpose (for example 3 days) to check if it is compatible with OpenBSD and if I will be able to use it ??... As I m not a developer. 
Marek Ovčačík
According to Terms of Service, you can "get refunds on software within 15 days" if unhappy. Also, if you look at the pricing "You can cancel your subscription anytime but you'll no longer have access to the latest improvements." 
Brendan Feltrup-Exum
This is the basic trial here: it doesnt have all the multi tenant stuff but if you want to play with an older version to see how you can get on with it. 
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