App is not sending any emails (new user, receipt, etc)

Reuben Thiessen
I'm not seeing any emails being sent, even in the logs. Is there some kind of additional set up to do that I'm missing? I have the config set up to my mail provider, but I'm not even seeing it in the logs try and send out an email and fail. Help?
Donn Felker
If you're using something like Redis (sidekiq) you have to make sure you are starting that service too. 
e.g. - 
worker: bundle exec sidekiq
Hi Reuben, what email provider did you set up for email? Did you use Sendgrid?
John Quarto-vonTivadar
make sure sidekiq has a queue named 'mailer' your sidekiq config file.  That one threw me off for quite some time. And your SendGrid credentials should be in a configuration file or a .env file or using Heroku's Dashboard or whatever other flavor of storing sensitive value that oughtn't be in your repo
I was briefly confused. When I created a new account I didn't get the expected sign up/email confirmation email. But that is actually disabled in the User model. 

Sending email works out of the box for me.
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