What happens when one wants to migrate a project?

Ri Caragol
 I am a Rails developer who is thinking about joining Jumptstart in order to iterate fast while building a new product with a couple of business associates. I do have a some questions about code "ownership" and migration if I ever want to move away from Jumpstart. My main question is, if I ever decide to cancel my Jumpstart account, or move my code to my own Github repo, what happens with my code, are there any limitations? Can I clone the repo and bring it with me? Are there any caveats I should know about?

Ken Lynch
Ri Caragol I'm not a lawyer, nor is this my project, but my understanding would be when you buy a license what you get is access to the repo. You can certainly clone the repo; that's what it's for. You own the code you bought access to forever. If you cancel your subscription you still own the code. What you would loose is access to the repo, which basically means no new features/fixes from JSP, keeping all dependencies updated would be on you, etc. But the code you already have is and would remain yours. If I'm wrong,  Chris Oliver  will tell you so. :)
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