One time charge or can a subscription plan be set to charge just once?

Forgive my newbie stripe/billing knowledge. 
I'm wondering if JSP can create a plan that only charges one time and then ends? So it basically becomes a onetime fee that lasts say 6 months and then terminates on it's own? There would be no renewal option. Or is there an easier way to implement a one time charge with the existing JSP code?
John Quarto-vonTivadar
i think that's the fundamental difference between a product and a subscription --- that the subscription auto-renews, and the product is a one-time. (or at least one-time-unless-customer-buys-it-again-manually)

Now, you can write code that will cause the subscription to not renew, but I think it begs the question "why not just set up a product then?" (in which case you don't need to write the special code)
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