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Turbo 8 - Morphing, View Transitions and Instant Click

We're super excited about this update! Turbo's new version was announced at Rails World 2023 and showed off some great features for simplifying realtime updates in your Rails apps.

Here are the 3 main improvements:

  1. Page refreshes with morphing. 
  2. View transitions. 
  3. InstantClick: faster page loads thanks to link preloading.

Morphs allow you to tell the page to request a new copy from the server and only the changes will be applied. A user can be viewing a page and will see updates without losing their place.

View transitions allow you to keep users in context when they're navigating around. Imagine you click on a video on the index page and it resizes to full-width when you click on it and navigate to the video.

Instant Click is another awesome feature that predicts links a user may click on. By preloading the page, a link click feels instant because it's already loaded.

You can now take advantage of all these improvements in your Rails applications. We've modified the scaffold generator to automatically include Turbo broadcasts out of the box.