Add avatars to accounts and teams?

Matt Bjornson
I'm looking to add avatars to accounts and teams. 

I was thinking of modifying the avatar_url_for in application_helper to be a little more flexible, something like,

def avatar_url_for(resource, opts={})
  size = opts[:size] || 48
  if resource.respond_to?(:avatar) && resource.avatar.attached? && resource.avatar.variable?
    resource.avatar.variant(combine_options: {
  else if resource.is_a? User
   hash = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(
   # some default image
Then in Account and Team I'd add ``` has_one_attached :avatar ```

Does this make sense? Anything else I'd need to add to make avatars work for Accounts and Teams?

Chris Oliver
Yep 👍
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