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Admin Dashboard question

Andrew Ogg
If I add something that I only want to be updated by the Admins of the site using the Administrate gem that is in JSP, can I just delete the "regular" controller, views and route for it or do I need to keep those files for any reason and just remove the route?  

For example, say I setup a JobTypes model that admins can associate with a Job Posting, these Types are specifically set by the Admin. Regular customers can use the Types as part of a search (because they've been associated with the job), or they can see it when they view a Job posting, but I don't want a regular customer to be able to go to any of the /jobtypes URLs, even to just view them because "Full time", "Part time", etc. doesn't have any real value on it's own. 

So unlike the "SaaS" example where the regular customers can still see the videos, I don't want that here.
Chris Oliver
You would just create the model, no controller / views for the main app and the admin area can have a dashboard for it. 👍
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