Any ETA on the API portion and documentation?

Brandon B.
Not nagging, but one of the main plans I have for this application is use of the REST API, and judging by how nicely you guys have gotten this package working, rather than 'rolling my own' I would rather wait to see what you guys package in with this template and the documentation, as long as it is not going to be too long in the future.

I know some other devs that might get the pro template as well if the API rolls into it nicely and functions like the rest of the app.

Chris Oliver
Hey Brandon! I'm a bit behind on this. 

The API portion probably won't be out till the end of the month as I'm going to be overseas for the next two weeks.

The plans for the API portion are:

  • API token model that belongs to users so users can have multiple tokens.
  • API base controller that handles authentication.
  • Fast JSON API for rendering the JSON responses.

I've looked into Graphiti and such as alternatives but it seems a tad too early. I think we'll keep it simple.
Brandon B.
Chris Oliver Thanks, I just now saw this response for some reason - nothing to do with the emails, it just went under quite a few other ones from the forum.  I'm glad you gave an update because I will wait to see what you come out with and then work my code off of that.  I really like that you make the template for devs and keep it lightweight with the most usable aspects in place.  I didn't want to 'bloat' out the API aspect if you were going to do it much more concise.  I have a month or two until I need something functional in that aspect for the few apps I am working on so no biggie.

Thanks again

Chris Oliver
I've got some of the API stuff done in a branch right now. One of the questions I need to address is what JSON builder we want to have by default and do people have preferences? 

  • JBuilder
  • Fast JSONAPI

These are the two main options. I was looking into using Graphiti originally, but it's really new and needs some work before it's ready to use in Jumpstart Pro.

So far, my approach has just been to use JBuilder to keep things simple. After exploring some Fast JSONAPI, I am still thinking that JBuilder might be the best to use by default. There's a lot of learning you'd have to do for anyone not familiar with JSONAPI and JBuilder is already a common thing people know in Rails.

Plus if we go with JBuilder as the default, I can ship that probably in 1 or 2 days now.

Curious to hear if anyone has thoughts on this!
John Chambers
Hey Chris, for simplicity I'd prefer JBuilder!

Brandon B.
Chris Oliver - I also think that a vast majority of people would like to see JBuilder as the standard implementation as well.  The main people using this template are those that are trying to prototype quicker with proper structure in place and some ways to get more robust functionality from the word 'GO'.  

If someone is already accustomed to Fast JSONAPI then they will likely make their own custom implementation at any rate.  

Oh, BTW - how did you implement this WYSIWYG editor that we are using in the forum?
Brandon B.
Chris Oliver   - Don't worry about that last question, got it, super simple:

Dan Weaver
+1 for Jbuilder
Chris Oliver
You guys are making it real easy on me. Jbuilder it is.
Chris Oliver
Just published the API integration and docs:
Brandon B.
Chris Oliver Awesome! Thank you very much!

John Chambers
Thanks Chris Oliver  just going to try it out now! Cheers :)
Chris Oliver
I published a quick video outlining the API functionality on the Docs page that I linked above as well. 👍 Scaffolds for APIs should be something I can get to in the nearish future.

I'm shifting focus to getting Stripe updated to support SCA for the new EU regulations though. This is a nightmare, so it may be a couple weeks. Stripe has gotten real complicated to understand.
John Chambers
Great video Chris! Really appreciate all your hard work!
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