Associate data from discussions to teams instead of being visible for everyone

Borja Soler
Hi 👋,

I am new here but I was thinking how could I do this better, I have followed the jumpstart pro forum tutorial and now what I would like to do is to set discussions to a team and that only other members of this team can see this discussions and comment. 

I would be like every saas company where each account-team can only see their data and not have share data visible to everyone.

If any of you have done this or have an idea it would be awesome! Thanks! 
Chris Oliver
just add a belongs_to :team on the Discussion and then make sure that you only query through current_team.discussions when loading the discussions. That's it!
Borja Soler
Awesome, thank you! 
Borja Soler
Only thing is that know when I try to do create a discussion it says: 
  • Team must exist

should I add or change something in the discussions_controller.rb?

John Chambers
Hi , yes when creating a discussion in discussions_controller.rb set the discussion so it belongs to current_team before save. = current_team

Or maybe like this...

    @discussion =
Chris Oliver

That's exactly how I do it. I'm actually working on a special scaffold that will do this for you, but Rails scaffolding is turning out to be more confusing than I imagined.
Borja Soler
Thanks guys! when I add this should I remove the   @discussion =  or should I write both? 

Also, should I add a new reference to the schema? When I write this I got that does not exist

Borja Soler
Solved. If anyone needs help with this I can help
Christopher Wavrin
 Can you post how you solved it? Thanks
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