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Block Spam Signups

Jim Jones
If you go to tag someone in this forum, you can see a few of the spam accounts listed with adult-themed names along with the other user accounts.

To prevent these signups, how about implementing an invisible honeypot form field?  
E.g. bots will fill out the field, real users don't see it, so they don't submit a value for it.

The Invisble Captcha gem appears to provide this and a few other robust solutions.
Chris Oliver
Yeah, I'm using invisible_captcha on GoRails and it works okay. I think this would be a good addition to Jumpstart Pro by default. Recaptcha and things are more intrusive and require API keys, so I'd rather use invisible captcha instead if it works well enough which it seems to.
Seungyong Lim
I am not certain why the invisible captcha field is still showing even I have it turned off like below
InvisibleCaptcha.setup do |config|
  config.timestamp_enabled = !Rails.env.test?
  config.visual_honeypots = false

  if Rails.env.test?
    config.honeypots = ["honeypotx"]

the invisible captcha field is still showing..

any idea?
thanks in advance!
Holden Thomas
The invisible captcha doesn't seem adequate anymore as we've started getting hundreds of bot signups a week in our app.  I noticed that Jumpstartrails.com now uses Hcaptcha itself. Is this feature going to work its way into master? Or if not I recently saw this week your GoRails episode, perhaps you could just provide the Gist of how you approached integrating it into the Devise beast.  Thanks

Yes, I blurred the emails to protect the anonymity of the robots. ;-)

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