Branding - Not Showing

Bryan Stewart
I didnt see this discussed. I just started poking around. I made a new logo.svg and mark.svg. Replaced them in the app/assets/images folder. restarted the rails s and nothing shows up. I double checked by viewing the files in the folders and they show the new images. Any ideas of what i missed?
Chris Oliver
Have you inspected the HTML to see what's being rendered in the area where they're supposed to be rendered? 

We use inline_svg so the browser doesn't have to make extra requests, and that will sometimes leave out the content if something went wrong.
Bryan Stewart
yes it is blank in the html
Bryan Stewart
For anyone who might be having this issue. I fixed it in Illustrator.

Export as an SVG
Styling: Inline
Font: Convert To Outlines
Images: Preserve
Object IDs: Layer Names
Decimal: 2
Chris Oliver
👍I would not have been able to guess that issue, lol.
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