Dan Tappin
Chris Oliver  any plans to add out of the box comments to the template.  If so my suggestions would be to make them polymorphic so they can be applied to any model in your app and make them nested.
Jake Parks
there is a 4-part video series on gorails on how to do reddit style comments (nested) FYI.
Brandon B.
Dan Tappin if you need, I can share some (it may be crappy but I had to get it done in a day, when I needed about 3-4 days) code that has object-related, nested comments and replies, I even wrapped in the 'SendGrid' feature to have email responses put into the comment reply.  

I am thinking about refactoring this feature when I port the app over to jumpstart template, and add these type of comments with @mentions but also having nested replies with the option of 'reply to email, goes into comment reply'.  A lot of client's do not use our app, but do reply to all emails and or texts, so us using the app as a way to consolidate communication is a real huge benefit for us.  In addition, since we work on many many projects for each of our clients, the comments/notes module I created is a great way for us to segregate communication on each project so that there is not confusion like there is in emails when communication involves multiple projects and directives in a single paragraph.
Dan Tappin
Comments are a bit down my list of priorities. If  Chris Oliver  provides a roadmap I can then decide if I roll my own comments. How has someone not made a comment gem that does all this?
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