Create a "by invite only" team

Shaunak Vairagare
I just bought the single license , and am evaluating it for my needs currently. I am trying to figure out how would the new accounts system work for my scenario: 

  1. User registrations are invite only. So they can only signup when they receive an email.  
  2. Only users in Admin roles can make one or more Teams (accounts)
  3. Admins can invite a new user to signup and assign to an account. 
  4. No personal accounts

I did watch 's video on disabling personal account and "choosing" an account on signup, but that's not exactly what am looking for. I do want to disable personal accounts, but have user join an account that admin has created. 

Seems like this should be possible, but I am looking for suggestions on how to go about achieving this. Thanks!
Ariel Fogel
+1 this is also true of the domain that I'm modeling as well!

Part of me was wondering how coupled the `Account` model is to multi-tenancy, as I can imagine that is functionality I'll need. 

I am wondering if I should just create another model tied to the `Account` for multi-tenancy, like `Tenant`, and then let my account be the model for billing and authorization (by proxy, through `AccountUser`)? Part of me is a little hesitant to deviate too much from the canonical jumpstart data model, since a lot of the features you're developing are pretty useful and I'd like to continue integrating them, especially while the dev team is just me (part time).
Chris Oliver
If you don't want users to be able to sign up for your app without an invitation, I would use Devise Invitable.

  1. Disable user registrations. Follow one of the posts for this like
  2. Add a form to the admin area to use Devise Invitable to create the user & account. This will email them a sign up link. They just need to sign in and they'll be logged into the Account.

Accounts are the tenants, so you wouldn't need to add another model.
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