Deploying to Heroku with react-rails gem.

Leo Policastro

I am trying to deploy the app with the gem.  The react components are working in development but not in production on Heroku.  Is there any chance you can point me in the right direction as to how to configure Jumpstart for react-rails in production?

Loving the app by the way. Thanks for your time!
Chris Oliver
Since we don't have any React code in here, that's out of scope for what I can help with. I imagine the react-rails docs &I  issues would be a good place to start debugging that.
Leo Policastro
Thanks Chris, I'll share here when I figure it out. Combining jumpstart with react gives the best of both worlds and can be very powerful together.
Ivor Padilla
Did you find anything you can share? I'm unable to get it working.
Willard Moore
I’m interested to figure out about adding react to jumpstart if anyone has figured out more on that. 
Leo Policastro
I haven't been able to figure it out yet. 
Jeremy Dye
I made a guide for setting up `react-rails` with Rails 7. Tested it with newest Jumpstart template and it seems to work well.
Mike LaPeter
This worked great for me Jeremy, thanks! If using the newest version of jumpstart with tailwind, make sure to also add './app/javascript/**/*.jsx' to the content array in tailwind.config.js. 
Worked for me, for hot reloads, add   "./app/javascript/**/*.jsx", to your watchDirectories in esbuild.config.js
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