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drag and drop image uploader?

Pretty hard to think of a real Saas app these days that can accept a picture upload that does not support drag-n-drop. In other words, that's an expectation of customers of Saas apps today. 

Is that functionality implemented in JSP? 

(Went to add my avatar and was a little surprised that if I already navigated down 10 folders deep to show it in Finder, I needed to repeat all that navigation to upload it instead of just dragging it over form the already-open finder window.)
Kevin Penner
Hey JPW, I've recently implemented a popular drag and drop library to my main JSP project called Dropzone.js. You can see a tutorial here on how to make it work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp2Frb7hz5o (subscription required, but there are other videos out there as well) 
Oooo, cool! Thanks I will def check that out. It's easy to integrate Filestack or Cloudinary to handle dragndrop uploads but I'd prefer to add a thin free layer over activesupport if possible vs YAPS (yet another paid subscription) for something so basic. (The folder upload referenced in th video preview is also pretty nifty for my app)
Cool software, but the same guy also has some awesome music videos (linked on the dropzone.js page).. too darned much talent for one guy IMO ;)
Dan Weaver
Uppy is pretty good https://uppy.io
Dan Weaver
Also, for future reference, you can drag a file from a Finder window into the file dialog that opens in the browser. It will navigate the file dialog to the folder containing the file you dropped and highlight it.
nice - and looks slightly better maintained, and who can argue with the tagline on their web page "the uploader that won't pee on your rug"

Good point re drag n drop to the browser window, though for my app my goal is making it easy for users who aren't likely aware of shortcuts like that. So I'll take a good look at uppy.io.

Did you happen to install uppy in your JSP app without too much agony?
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