Editing when SSL, PATCHES, and JS failing, turbolinks confused?

Donal O Duibhir
Hi mostly got everything up and running. Working fine serving via HTTPS reverse NGINX proxy with SSL also enabled in development environment (config.force_ssl = true)  and NGINX proxy pass is to http://localhost:3000, but any attempt to edit accounts from 'https://localapp.pansift.com/admin/accounts/2/edit' results in the JS using "https://localhost:3000/admin/accounts/2"  + ends up in error as per below (although the record is saved)..

 (It's quite likely I am missing something basic though and haven't completed customization).

Started PATCH "/admin/accounts/2" for ::ffff: at 2021-03-29 14:46:00 +0100
Cannot render console from ::ffff:! Allowed networks:, ::1
  User Load (0.5ms)  SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."id" = $1 ORDER BY "users"."id" ASC LIMIT $2  [["id", 1], ["LIMIT", 1]]
Processing by Admin::AccountsController#update as TURBO_STREAM
  Parameters: {"authenticity_token"=>"2-1ExOyvtQrMTLyAfyPbo5zfz560PF1Kjk3W2R0BDCY72q_bZQEa1uBeqBBIKavSukQnBXrq9N5Q4Hh6Inrg6Q", "account"=>{"owner_id"=>"1", "name"=>"[FILTERED]", "personal"=>"0", "extra_billing_info"=>""}, "commit"=>"Update Account", "id"=>"2"}
  Account Load (0.4ms)  SELECT "accounts".* FROM "accounts" WHERE "accounts"."id" = $1 LIMIT $2  [["id", 2], ["LIMIT", 1]]
  ↳ app/controllers/administrate/application_controller.rb:139:in `find_resource'
  ↳ app/controllers/administrate/application_controller.rb:61:in `update'
  User Load (0.3ms)  SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."id" = $1 LIMIT $2  [["id", 1], ["LIMIT", 1]]
  ↳ app/controllers/administrate/application_controller.rb:61:in `update'
  Account Update (0.5ms)  UPDATE "accounts" SET "name" = $1, "updated_at" = $2 WHERE "accounts"."id" = $3  [["name", "Pansift Organisation"], ["updated_at", "2021-03-29 13:46:00.118430"], ["id", 2]]
  ↳ app/controllers/administrate/application_controller.rb:61:in `update'
  ↳ app/controllers/administrate/application_controller.rb:61:in `update'

**Redirected to https://localhost:3000/admin/accounts/2**

Completed 302 Found in 31ms (ActiveRecord: 20.0ms | Allocations: 5280)

Note: The Update goes through i.e. saves the record (you can see the new value on refresh) but the JS errors out.
Chrome Developer Tools

Tried clearing Chrome cache, NGINX cache, RAILS cache... 

Just clasping at straws here but does it grab the HREF from the browser?

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I am wondering do I need to set an XXXXX.default_url_options somewhere to override the JS call that attempts to use "https://localhost:3000/admin/accounts/2" i.e. to use NGINX reverse + hostname instead?
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