Feature Request: User Profiles

Dan Tappin
It’s a trivial think to add but adding a default user profile would be a great feature. Add to that a public directory of the users and team hierarchy etc.

My app (and others) will have the other users visible to each other.
Chris Oliver
Hmm, interesting idea. I need to figure out where the boundaries are in the template so we don't have too many features by default.

This feels like a nice one you could opt-in to. Maybe through a profile generator or merging in a feature branch or something.
Dan Tappin
Chris Oliver I think you have something on your feature branch idea. To me user profiles would be a ‘core’ feature but many other not.

It’s clear you built the template around the GoRails model - selling content to users.  There are many iterations of structure (public / private, content / information etc.) and hard to satisfy us all lol. 
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