How to add tailwind plugins?

Ugurcan Kaya
  I was trying to test tailwindUI however plugin module in tailwind.config does not seem to work.  

I get "Cannot find module 'tailwindcss/plugin'  " error

// tailwind.config.js 
module.exports = { 
 plugins: [ 

I see environment.plugins.push() in postcss.config file.

Would that be the place to add tailwind plugins?
John Chambers
You probably still need to add the @tailwindcss/ui dependency to package.json and it should work then.
Run yarn add @tailwindcss/ui

Docs here:

Ugurcan Kaya
yes, I followed that documentation but still getting "Cannot find module 'tailwindcss/plugin'  " error
Ugurcan Kaya
  tailwind needs to be upgraded to 1.2 and it works after that 👍  Jumpstart uses 1.1 currently
John Chambers
Awesome. Glad you got it sorted!
With the latest version of tailwindui I had to update tailwindui to 1.3.5
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