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Is the default cache setup suitable for production?

Rob Jonson
production.rb has

  # Use a different cache store in production.
  config.cache_store = :redis_cache_store, {url: ENV.fetch("REDIS_URL", "redis://localhost:6379/1")}

I'm not clear whether that comment is leftover from the default rails environment (which used to use :memory_store )
Or is this actually still a bad setup?

How about if I'm set up with hatchbox? 

Otherwise - what's the best approach for simple production caching on a not-very-big single host site?
Mike Hatfield
For others interested, I was double checking this myself as well.

This tries to access the REDIS_URL env variable first, then if it isn't provided, the second option is a backup default that is used which would be redis://localhost:6379/1

Hatchbox (I'm using the new v2) has the REDIS_URL ENV set.  It should override and be used automatically.

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