Jumpstart-iOS Modal form responses

Howdy all,

I'm building my first iOS app using the wonderful jumpstart-iOS framework. I've got it hooked into a non-jumpstart rails app, using the blog posts from Joe and the documentation to get it all working. Everything seem is going well. But I have a question about the best way to handle a few things.

My app is for players on a sporting team, and when they open the home page, they have a list of upcoming matches and events that they need to provide information about.

Toast Div on the home page of the app

If they player clicks on "Update Attendance" they get a form to edit their details. This form is presented in a modal window (which is a great feature of the framework BTW), and the form can be edited and submitted with no issue.

Edit Modal Form

However, at this point, I'd like to be able to do a turbo_stream update of the original Toast div on the home page. 

Does anyone know of a way to reference this div via TurboStream, when the POST / PATCH is being initiated from the modal window? I'd rather not do a native iOS controller for this if I can help it (I'd love to keep as much stuff in Rails if I can)

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