Jumpstart pro community chat?

Stephen Ierodiaconou
Hi all, 👋

just getting started with jumpstart, was wondering if there was any kind of chat (eg Discord) for asking  questions,  sharing ideas etc?

Corinn Pope
There's a slack channel for jumpstartpro if you're a GoRails pro member :-) It's quite helpful. 
John Quarto-vonTivadar
I'm in the GoRails Pro Slack and I don't see the channel for jumpstartpro ?

Jean Carlo
John Quarto-vonTivadar  

William Flanagan
Related to this. I am a paying GoRails member, and a Jumpstart pro person. . but I've never been able to find a sign up link.  :-( All the places it says they are in GoRails, I don't see them. I assumed it was because Chris was moving away from Slack. 
Chris Oliver
The Slack channel is called #jumpstartpro and the Slack invite is on the right side of your GoRails.com dashboard (as long as you're subscribed).
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