"Minimal" Jumpstart Template?

Jesse Onolememen
Hey! I was just wondering if there is a possibility of creating a "minimal" version of the Jumpstart Pro template. That is, one without any styling or opinionated layouts. Mainly just logic without thinking too much into the UI.

The reason why I'm suggesting this is because having used the current template, it can be kind of hard to migrate away to your own custom UI framework, or to re-implement the dozens of views/frontend tools included. It might make more sense to offer an un-opinated version with regards to the UI and other frontend features, allowing the developer to decide how they want to structure they're css, template language, JS tools etc.

I think it would be great to have something like that, it would definitely save me (and other developers) time, since we would essentially be starting on a blank slate vs having to re-implement most things.
Chris Oliver
The tough part is you can't really have complete features without a UI. Javascript and HTML are required for things like payments to work, so I can't imagine what a minimal version would look like.

Clearing out the views and CSS seems like the closest you can get, but you'd also have to reimplement all that functionality.
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