So my application allows users to create multiple websites, Website model has_many Pages.
Also Website has a domain and subdomain columns - (let's assume subdomain is mirage-ltd) so user can access to manage their website.

I'm thinking of two possible solutions:

1) Forget about creating a Website model and just use the Account model which already has a domain and subdomain columns, but I don't want the user to have a separate billing for each account the way Jumpstart setup by default, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows how to do that.

2) Make the Website model belongs_to Account and keep domain and subdomain columns in both tables, in another word, adding website_id column to pages and scope to Website and keep all other models not related to website scoped to account, would this work or it's going to mess things up?

Thank you
I also noticed the Menu says 'Signed in as Metro', but Metro Account doesn't belong to user 'Tom Cruise', this is weird because the user has one single different account and has nothing to do with Metro, this is un-touched Jumpstart app.

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John Joubert
I'm also seeing this bug.  Chris Oliver  any idea what might be causing this? It happens when I have multi-tenancy enabled, and a user signs up on a subdomain but creates their own (new) account. 
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