New feature documentation and notifications

Scott Harvey β€’

I just noticed 2 big features have been implemented which are Two-factor authentication and Jumpstart Pro for iOS.

Is there any documentation about how to use these new features or does that normally come a bit after the initial release?

Thanks for the great work πŸ˜ƒ
Chris Oliver β€’
The iOS docs are in the iOS repo (if you purchase it).

I'll be adding Two-factor authentication to the docs, but there's really not a lot to say about it. Users can enable it and it'll prompt for a code from an app like Authy or Google Authenticator. That's about it. It's pretty straightforward. πŸ‘
Scott Harvey β€’
oh, I thought the iOS code was going to be part of the Jump Start Pro repo.

One of the advantages of using Hotwire for mobile is so I can have a single repo with all my desktop and mobile code in one place.

If I purchase the iOS code is it easy to merge into my existing Jump Start Pro application?

Also, do you have plans for Android as well?
Chris Oliver β€’
Yep, We will have an Android version at some point.

There's nothing to merge for iOS. The Jumpstart Pro Rails app is all ready to go, you just point the iOS app to the Rails server and that's it. We've already configured everything for the APIs, views, and Javascript. Tried to make it so there's nothing for you to do but add your own features. πŸ‘
Scott Harvey β€’
Right, I get it now. Looking forward to giving it a shot in the near future.
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