Dan Tappin
Chris Oliver  any plans to add a user notification system to the template?  For example user mentions and the ability to add a callback in your controllers to send a notice to users / teams.  This is a common app feature and would be very helpful to be out of the box.   This would be the typical nav bar icon / badge and ability to receive instant or daily email digest notifications (preferences set in your profile).
Murray Bryant

or a video in gorails that shows how to implement your earlier messaging solution using Stimulus.js

Rob Thomas
Brandon B.

(*I was going to be working on rolling my own this weekend, but it seems that  Chris Oliver seems to be about 5x more efficient and his code at least 5x as elegant as what I do, haha)
Jake Parks
i'm confused what is already available out of the box?  we can @mention other users with ActionText + mentions_controller.js, but they do not get notified.  so we just need to hook in an email mailer after the mention?
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