Omniauth provider without session authentication

Ben Skinner
Hi  Chris Oliver ,

I'm looking to integrate an omniauth provider that would only be used for API access and not be used for authentication (i.e. an API that the whole "Account" can share to make offline API requests).

It seems that if I use the JSP omniauth config process, that the auth callback would run back through the sessions controller and form of the authentication process, which is not what I want.

What would be your advice to create a provider that directs to an "integrations" controller and can be shared across all users in an account?

Thanks for an amazing tool!
Jamie Crone
Hey  Ben Skinner  were you able to figure this out. I am also trying to connect to a service to use the API. The normal Omniauth docs are not working for me and I dont want this Omniauth to be for my application login 
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