Paddle successful but user not subscribed to any plan

Paddle checkout is successful and a "Thanks for subscribing" notification is shown. No errors are given. Paddle sandbox dashboard shows that subscription is active for the user but Jumpstart shows that the user is not subscribed to any plan. Admin dashboard confirms this, user has no subscription. This is locally, 'foreman start'.

I saw that Paddle environment variable was added to 'pay' so I tried using the latest 'pay' but no. Also, I'm using the latest Jumpstart Pro.

When using Stripe everything works as expected. I can't figure out what could cause this bug when using Paddle. I couldn't find any open issues related to Paddle from GitLab or here.
Nicolas Metzger
Did you forward the Paddle webhook to your localhost? 
You have to configure a URL for receiving webhook alerts in Paddle ( and forward this request to localhost if you are in development environment, with for example ngrok or ultrahook.
Thanks  Nicolas Metzger for help and the pay/paddle_pay PR's!
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