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Chris Oliver
I've been wanting to build an area on the site for Jumpstart Pro Experts for Hire. They'd be people who know Jumpstart Pro and can help you build out features for your product.

If you'd like to be on this list, fill out an application here and I'll start working on getting a list of experts together.

Leave a comment here if you're interested in hiring a Jumpstart Pro Expert and what info you would want to know about them so I can make sure to collect as much useful information as I can.

I'd be interested in knowing the languages spoken (Native, Proficient) because it greatly helps collaboration.

Otherwise, I find it slighlty unclear whether these Jumpstart Experts would help us for a 30-minute long demo, help on a specific specific feature/issue or help us build an entire app.

I find this initiative very good, because I am a Junior/Mid Developer but I would love to collaborate with a Senior Developer on my projects.
Steven Wagner
Did this ever go anywhere? Was looking for some senior dev help on some projects. 
Andrew Kelley
Happy to talk; My email is

Steven Wagner
Thanks Andrew, I will reach out. 
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