Seeing '' host name occasionally on `_url` paths

Stephen Ierodiaconou
Hey everyone, not sure if its something I have done but:

I have noticed occasionally (at least in development) that when my page first loads links rendered via a `_url` path helper have their host name as '' ... 

eg instead of 'http://localhost:3000/tags/ruby' say, it is '' . When I reload the page the href is correct (localhost)...

So far I have found it very difficult to replicate and can't find "" in the codebase...

I tried setting up 

ActiveSupport::Reloader.to_prepare do
    http_host: Rails.env.development? ? "localhost" : "",

But looks like it has not fixed the issue...

I should note these links are is rendered inside a ViewComponent.

Thanks for any pointers/ideas!
Dustin Fisher
Hey I had a similar issue to this.

To fix it check your config/environments/development.rb file and at the very bottom look for: # You may need to set to include the correct URLs from Turbo, etc 

Un-comment the line below that and set your localhost url and then you should be all good!
Stephen Ierodiaconou
 Thanks very much!
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