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slow loading/freezing in dev env after several clicks on the links

It used to work fine at the outset but now my app under development  started freezing every other minute in dev env with console showing something this:

4:46:16 web.1   | [ActionCable] [User 1] [Account 1] Registered connection (Z2lkOi8vZ29vZHN0cmVldC1hcHAvQWNjb3VudC8x:Z2lkOi8vZ29vZHN0cmVldC1hcHAvVXNlci8x)
14:46:16 web.1   | [ActionCable] [User 1] [Account 1] NotificationChannel is transmitting the subscription confirmation
14:46:16 web.1   | [ActionCable] [User 1] [Account 1] NotificationChannel is streaming from notification:Z2lkOi8vZ29vZHN0cmVldC1hcHAvVXNlci8

Then it gets stuck on this.

Is this a licence issue or what ? please let me know.
Chris Oliver
Everything's working fine for me, so it's likely something in your application.

Try rolling back to old commits and see if you can bisect and find a commit that causes your slowdowns.
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