Tailwind jit breaks my style...

Rob Jonson
I have the following additional styles building on tailwind
If I enable jit - then these don't work (they have no values in the browser and do nothing)


@layer components {
  .flex-row-from-md {
  	@apply flex flex-col md:flex-row

  .flex-row-from-sm {
  	@apply flex flex-col sm:flex-row

  .clear-title-container {
  	@apply container mx-auto py-2 sm:py-8 px-1 sm:px-4

  .main-white-section {
  	@apply bg-white rounded shadow p-2 sm:p-4;

jit mode says

  • You can only @apply classes that are part of core, generated by plugins, or defined within a @layer rule. You can't @apply arbitrary CSS classes that aren't defined within a @layer rule.

I don't _think_ I'm breaking these rules.

Any suggestions?

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