Tailwind Table Row Text Alignment Issues

Dan Tappin
In the template tables if a cell wraps all the text in the rest of the row aligns to the top.  I want it to 'align-middle' but that class doesn't help.
Brandon B.
Dan Tappin I am trying to understand what you are saying (I have not messed with the tables too much).  You are saying that out of the box, in the standard table, if a cell wraps the text in that cell then the entire row aligns each cell to the top?  So, you are wanting: IF (any cell in this row wraps the text) THEN all cells in 'this' row other than the ones wrapping text should 'align-middle'?

Sorry for my crap pseudo code, but this is how I have to think of scenarios like this to myself, haha.
Dan Tappin
Brandon B.  yes - it seems the wrapped cell aligns to the middle but the other non wrapped cells align to the first line of the wrapped cell.  Not sure if this is Tailwind of a weird generic CSS / HTML / browser issue.
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