Template without devise functionality


Is anyone successful in replacing the user management functionality provided by device with third party identity management software?

I am looking into various identity management systems like https://www.keycloak.org/, https://www.ory.sh/ and https://aws.amazon.com/cognito/ and currently thinking of using this template with AWS Cognito.

One option that I have is to leave the device code in the template as it is but to write a devise strategy to authenticate the user using third party software. In this method all the user management functionality (sign up, sign in, activate, forgot password) will be replaced with the third party software. When the users are created in the third party I would sync the user information like email and name to the device tables. Here is one blog post that took this approach https://c.mirifique.ch/2018/04/09/rails-devise-authenticating-using-aws-cognito-identity/ and I would be using something similar with slight variation.

Any help, insight or discussion in this matter is highly appreciated.
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