Temporary Price

Bryan Stewart
What is the recommended manner to remove special pricing from an option without changing current users.
Example. We will offer a special price for people who join from April 2020-July 2020. After which , new signups will pay full price.

I can hide the option from the dashboard, but wanted to know your thoughts. Perhaps an "active flag" which hides from pricing if no longer active?
Chris Oliver
You could add an active boolean to the Plan model and then scope the Pricing page's plans to only active plans. That's what I do for GoRails. 

Probably not a bad idea to add that to Jumpstart Pro itself.
Bryan Stewart
I did just that. thanks Chris!
Bryan Stewart
I read all of the administrate, but I am not able to find where to scope the active plans. If i scope in admin/plans_controller, it hides them from the dash, but i want them hidden for users signing up.
Chris Oliver
Hmm, why are you trying to scope in the admin?

You'd want to apply it to the Pricing page and the new/create subscription so that it only allows active Plans. I'd stick it in the controllers.

If I get some time today I may add this to JSP.
Bryan Stewart
Ok, i just added the following to the plan.rb
at the end on monthly and yearly scope
.where(active: true)
That works
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