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The terminfo database could not be found. (Reline::Terminfo::TerminfoError)

Ben Richardson
I've followed the readme but am getting this error and can't start Rails.

The terminfo database could not be found. (Reline::Terminfo::TerminfoError)

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 7.01.23 pm.png 1.23 MB

Stubbing the "debug" gem and rebuilding resolved this for now.
Rick Bradley
I also see this; commenting out the debug gem in Gemfile also seems to avoid this. This is on M1 mac-mini; I have an Intel MBP and the same git pull has no problems on that machine. Not sure if something else is different (e.g., homebrew package versions, build tools versions, etc.), or if arch is relevant.

Rick Bradley
Digging deeper into this, this appears to possibly be an intersection of reline + tmux (which is being used by overmind).

Related GitHub issues:

  - https://github.com/ruby/reline/issues/447
  - https://github.com/DarthSim/overmind/issues/132
  - https://github.com/bullet-train-co/bullet_train/issues/224

In the comments, a workaround is documented here:

  - https://github.com/DarthSim/overmind/issues/132#issuecomment-1150410523

"As a workaround, I added the line set -g default-terminal screen-256color in my ~/.config/tmux/tmux.conf."

For me, this file is ~/.tmux.conf, but this workaround did indeed work for me.
Ben Richardson
Thats great - thanks very much - worked perfectly 😃

For anyone else running into this issue (replace "code" with whatever your cli shortcut is for your editor):

1. run in terminal code ~/.tmux.conf
2. paste set -g default-terminal screen-256color into the file
3. re-run bin/dev
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