Tips on how to block member of team from seeing a user?

Conway Anderson
I'm creating a site that shows a list of users. As a user, you should be able to pre-block members of specific teams (Companies) from seeing you in the list. They should also be able to add multiple teams to this list and remove them later.

Has anyone already tackled something like this?  Any resources you found helpful?

If the team they want to block hasn't been created yet, I'd also like them to be able to create one that they aren't a member of. Then if members of that team/company join later on, that user's info will automatically hidden going forward.
Conway Anderson
Maybe this is something that would actually be good for turning into a small freelance task.

There's also several other small blockers related to my project that I could use help with.

Anyone have recommendations?
John Chambers
I think some job sites have a system like this. So when you are looking for a job your current employer isn't aware. 

This is just a rough idea about how you might achieve what you mentioned in the opening post:

  • Require company email address for signup (not hotmail, gmail etc)
  • Require email validation for all users who sign up
  • Then add a new table where users can add a list of company domain names they wish to block
  • Login will be required before listing users
  • Then you can list all users where current_user.companydomain is not in a users block table
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