Unsubscribe from forum thread notifications

Sébastien Dubois
After commenting on a thread, I started receiving an email for each subsequent comment. I may be blind, but where can I unsubscribe from these notifications? I wouldn't want to have to mark these emails as spam.
Chris Oliver
Hey Sebastien,

I'm working on that, should have that out shortly!
Chris Oliver
And added. You can now click the Unsubscribe link in the sidebar to disable email notifications for specific discussions.
Sébastien Dubois
Great, thanks 👍 An unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails would still be needed.
Chris Oliver
Yeah, good point, but easier said than done I guess because you can't make a POST request from an email.
Sébastien Dubois
True. Could either do like other email senders and anyway allow GET to modify the resource, or simply link to a form page where the user can confirm their choice.
John Chambers
Maybe in the profile settings (https://jumpstartrails.com/users/edit) you could add an option to subscribe or unsubscribe to all threads by default.

Personally I'd like to subscribe to all by default as I currently login a few times a day to see what's new. 
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