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User Questions

Rob Thomas
Hey Guys, 

I hope everyone is doing ok in these crazy times. I'm about to begin working on an idea for a Sass app and I had a few questions before I choose the right technology to use I wanted to ask a few questions.

Lets's say I'm creating an app for schools, and each school will have the ability to add students but the will pay $2 for each student that's added. Is this something JumpStrat can handle and what's the best way to approach this?  
Bryan Stewart
Hey Rob. Hanging in there!
Sounds like a team. The team has the billing and the users can go in there. Correct me if I am wrong on that everyone else.
Rob Thomas
Bryan Stewart  I was thinking the same thing but I wasn't sure if the admin area was just for the JumpStrat admin. But I'm not sure.
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