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What are you building?

Chris Oliver
Hey guys! 

I thought it would be cool to hear what people are working on. What are you building? Who is it for? How will it work?

One thing I'd love to do once you get your app launched is to feature them on a page for everyone to see. When you get your app deployed, let me know and we can put it up on a showcase page somewhere. 👍
I'm building a premium news portal for stock traders and investors.  Lots of free content but then going to put up a paywall eventually.


Site is up, but I'm no pro at Tailwind so its taking some time to prettify.
Ohad Dahan
  1. I already have a couple of apps in the e-commerce field.
  2. I'll use Jumpstart to build another e-commerce related app.
  3. I wrote https://gitlab.com/nativeson/nativeson and https://gitlab.com/nativepluck/nativepluck .
  4. I might use Jumpstart for online storage of a performance related presentation I want to create, mostly Rails / Ruby but can be applied to almost any framework.
Brandon B.
  1. I have multiple web apps that my companies use for clients to interact and utilize tons of public data for all types of industries, mostly construction and oil and gas.
  2. No one, who is not a current client of ours, would be able to see the web apps since they have absolutely no front-facing site and we only give access to our current users in our legacy on-premise system.
  3. I am planning on integrating a jumpstart site with our salesforce organization and allowing a streamlined way for new prospects to be acquired (this will take serious planning since it involves a multitude of technologies to get it to work).
  4. I have one other, stand-alone app idea, and will pitch to my managers tomorrow at our monthly meeting, if they like it, I will move forward and this will be an app that I can 'show' to this awesome forum and group of people.  The reason I can not pull the trigger on this without getting the others involved is because it will involve resources from their departments in order to just test the concept, which is something that I will need them to agree to.  Otherwise, I will setup a side team and go through with it, haha.
Sébastien Dubois
We maintain a mindfulness and meditation app with an emphasis on compassion. The app offers English and French audio and video available via web/iOS/Android. https://app.imagineclarity.com

I'm considering retrofitting (parts of) Jumpstart in the existing app, or using it for our next product.
Dan Tappin
We are building an in-house app to replace the old manual spreadsheets we currently use to track the purchase orders, invoices etc in our clients projects.  This will save us time and money.  We hope to add features and use this as a value proposition to gain an advantage over our competition.
I am building a upgrade version Workflow Management Application for construction industry.  My previous one has been used for managing road services maintenance for a city. 
Guled Ali
My plan is to build a forum for somali people
Dan Weaver
I just released this: klippr.co - it's a super-niche app for music producers to create short videos from their tracks on the Traxsource and Beatport music retail platforms. Told you it was niche! 😉 
Darren Smyth
I'm updating my website which is an educational site where I teach students (and adults) Mathematics but in a more interesting and fun way: www.maffsguru.com.
Alain Pilon
I am rebuilding a project management app for photographer that I built in the Rails 3 era and never launched for various (bad) reasons. I have been thinking about re coding/launching the app for a while but my enthusiasm was restrained by the amount of initial boiler plate code I would have to write before adding any fun stuff. I accidentally found about Jumpstart and while I have to do some important changes to the Team concept, it saved me a load of time. 

I hope to be able to relaunch in a month and I hope I will be able to share some of my code to other Jumpstart user!  
Brandon B.
Man, you guys(gender neutral use of the word guys, as in 'collective') have some pretty cool things going on. 

I am just about release our internal email marketing system that I have been working on, with the few extra hours a week I have, which: 

  • scrubs email list validity (using Zerobounce) 
  • pulls leads from Salesforce (as well as updating leads in Salesforce on triggered events)
  • allows the creation of ContactLists and Campaigns, using email templates and sending domains
  • schedules emails during correct hours of the day (which are set in campaign setup)
  • prioritizes certain lists over others (depending on current list and response ratings)
  • allows IP prioritization and IP-POOLS for sending
  • polls every 30 mins for TransmissionMessageEvents
  • uses Sparkpost and SendGrid both
  • allows a global snapshot of email campaign performance.  

It is basically an app that 'glues' 4 different services, which we use, together and allows integration of all of them with a relatively seamlessness that we could not have achieved otherwise.  I was told that a few companies may want to use this for their email marketing after a few months and once we have worked out the kinks and bugs.

One of the main things that made this template work well for this, is the sidekiq and administrate integration out of the box, once a few of these things are already setup, it makes implementing other things so much easier.  Also, Postgres is a near necessity in this one because I had to use some of the JSONB and indexing on fields if they were there (in the query scope you use @> as the operator if the presence of the field(key) in the JSONB may or may not be there) since the responses on Sparkpost and SendGrid's REST transmission events and sends do not come back the same for all even types.  

All of your (group) other ideas has me thinking about other things we can do.  It's pretty neat how 'niche' some things are and how broad others are.  Keep the ideas coming, it helps us all think about integrations and solutions we could each use, if even just a simple little idea. 
John Chambers
Hi Guys, I'm working on a few large projects... (I'll add them here another time).

I'm a little overwhelmed by all the tasks so I built TaskLoco.com over the weekend so I can try and group all my tasks into different teams and collaborate with other people in a central place. I know I could have used Asana or Trello but this was a lot of fun to build! 

I'm trying to solve a few problems I have:
  • Separate Teams per business or side project
  • Save Money on Asana!
  • Improve Interface so I can better focus on priority tasks
  • Easier context switching between businesses and tasks

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 14.43.14.png 451 KB
Alex Deering
Currently building a recipe database site that allows users to fork and modify recipes (kinda like gitlab/hub) and the recipes are rated based of various metrics so when searching it shows the most popular version of the recipe first.  Kinda a community driven recipe creation site.  Its a ways off from launching but the site will be living-recipe.com
Mike Kelly
I'm starting a cashless coin-op payment system for arcade games and laundromats.  It is made up of a hardware platform, a mobile app and the web app.  Being the only developer on all three platforms, I have really appreciated the time saved so far on jumpstart.
Darren Smyth
 I'd be very interested to know which forum gem etc you might be planning on using.
Willard Moore
Looking at getting back into freelancing. So multiple projects. 
Steven Wagner
Building an app that validates and updates CRM records for Salesforce. 

I’m using it to finally build a handful of little pet projects I’d been putting off because I hated doing all the boring boilerplate setup stuff. 
Chris Oliver
Anyone else got apps they want to share? I'm going to build an examples page on the site and would like to feature some sites!
Corinn Pope
I'm working on getspeckled.com. Also using Hatchbox to deploy ;-)

In my previous life, I was a PM who was constantly bombarded with requests to build things. Our engineering team was tiny so we had to be ruthless with what got worked on and what didn't — so everything was scored and prioritized against our own set of criteria.  It helped everyone else see not only what was getting built, but why. So I put my process into software form. I couldn't have built it without JumpstartPro!

Darren Smyth
Thanks for the share for my website  Chris Oliver . Really appreciate it!

Just noticed that have the new welcome screen showing ... but wonder if you might take a different screen shot and remove the banner from the top about cookies? The large orange banner is detracting from the wonderful Nav Bar you provide :)

Thanks again for all your hard work on jumpstartpro. 
Chris Oliver
Darren Smyth  I just used a screenshot tool that crops for me so I couldn't remove it. You want to send me a screenshot of the same size and I can use that?
Darren Smyth
Chris Oliver  Of course! What size and format do you need?
Alex Deering
Site has been launched for a few months now and running great.  feel free to put it on your showcase page: living-recipe.com
Chris Oliver
Darren Smyth I got it updated! 🔥

Alex Deering wonderful! I just shot you an email. 👍
John Chambers
I launched ClickAndCollection.com recently. 

It helps stores, bakeries, take aways and restaurants organise online pre-orders, payments and collection times so they are contactless and have good social distancing between customers at other time slots.

It's built specifically for the challenges we have going on currently. Lot's of small businesses now up and running again in a contactless way thanks to Jumpstart!

Chris Oliver
John Chambers  amazing, I love this. 🤩I know a ton of places near us have been scrambling to find tools like this to help them stay afloat.
Willard Moore
John Chambers I know people that may be interested in what you’re building.

2A4EE4F9-C8E9-4369-ACE4-EF30B28139F0.png 1.51 MB
John Chambers
Thanks for the feedback Chris Oliver and Willard Moore .

Looks like they are having a chaotic time in the kitchens Willard!
If you know anyone who needs this send them our way. First month is free, so no risk. Payments are all done through Stripe.

Hit me up with an email (john@clerky.ie) if you have any ideas or want to refer anyone on.
We'll be setting up an affiliate program soon.

Joseph Clarke
I created TaskBill.io with jumpstart pro as a starting point. 

It is a service for time tracking and invoicing for freelancers or consulting teams.

It can sync up tasks with Asana, basecamp, Trello and Monday and also has Chrome and Firefox extensions which adds timer start and stop buttons directly on those platforms.

I’ve just opened up the site for signups and would love some feedback from anyone that would find this service useful. 

Andrew Hodson
I'm releasing https://hauling.market/ this Monday
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.32.09 AM.png 222 KB

A safe and simple to use marketplace. Connecting clients and haulers together. 
I have built Scan Menu to help restaurants create online menus easily.

A restaurant can then display a generated QR code for customers to scan and view the menu.

Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 10.59.09 AM.png 1020 KB
Ferenc Fekete
Hey guys 👋

I've been working with Jumpstart over the past few months (thanks Chris Oliver !) and am excited to launch the new app today - Unicorn Train 🦄

Unicorn Train is a team-driven reward and recognition app that seamlessly integrates everywhere you get work done. It's perfect for remote dev teams working on the next unicorn 😄

Jumpstart saved an incredible amount of time getting the basics set up (users, accounts, invitations, payments, OAuth, etc.) and was easy to extend the functionality. As a developer who has been away from Ruby on Rails for a number of years, this was the perfect starting point to jump back in.

Happy to be listed on the examples page or answer any feedback. Thanks!

unicorn_train_homepage.png 1.01 MB

Jean Carlo
Looks good  Ferenc Fekete  congrats
Exequiel Rozas
I'm building Sonipedia which is an educational platform for music producers oriented to the hispanic language. I haven't yet launched but it's already exciting to work with Jumpstart
Nick Willever
We've been working on a community association platform powered by Jumpstart, we've privately launched our Nesso Community platform.

Nesso Community is a management platform for homeowner associations, focusing on better meeting management.

We may be the first Jumpstart app published on the Zoom marketplace!? Chris Oliver   https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/M_98o_ZBStyBCj3k6k4zPQ
Joe Minock
Hey All, I thought I'd jump in on this one. 

I'm currently Executive Director at a non-profit sports club and have faced some real fundraising challenges. Having more experience than I care to admit to on the tech / startup side of things, I'm finding myself in that fun and comfortable position of building a new product. 

As fundraising is so challenging in the current (Covid) business environment and small, local businesses are also getting their butts kicked, I'm building a fundraising tool which aligns interests. 

More or less, we have a bunch of small businesses who have committed to giving a discount to our membership while also giving a percentage of every sale back to the club. As this isn't easy to account for, the app will share deals posted by the business, allow members to claim and present deals, and finally, will allow both the club member and business to verify sales resultant of deals. As the end of every month approaches, we'll use Stripe Connects marketplace functionality to bill businesses and deposit corresponding funds into the organizations account. 

If validated to be successful within our club, we'll scale it out to include others.   
Tim Dowling
I'm close to launching which exciting and thought I would share here.

I am building Safera, safety management software to help make businesses safer...a!  Record incidents, create and submit checklists, record maintenance on assets/equipment and record your staff member's training and any expiries. I am almost at MVP and have a number of beta customers coming online in late February. 

Naturally, I'm hosting with Hatchbox but have an Azure managed postgres db as i am not confident in managing a DB myself. I will be starting work on the mobile app shortly (flutter). I have built a little hubspot connector to create companies and contacts on new account and have integrated this with freshdesk for ticketing, all of which is free to help get started.

There are other solutions in market however they are either old or expensive or both. A system of record such as this shouldn't cost the earth. No one has nailed the go-to market strategy either, my background is in sales, marketing, channel management etc so looking forward to getting it out there.
Lukas Gutwinski
Hey Tim!
That sounds interesting. My company is working in a similar space (EHS legal compliance) and we have quite a big client base (mostly industrial companies) in the German speaking market. We're currently looking for partners to be able to better cover the safety management part. Would be cool to jump on a quick call :) If you're interested please reach out to me: lgutwinski@gutwinski.at
Nick McNeany
Wow, these are all awesome products on this list! Great work and congrats to everyone! This list is really inspiring and has motivated me to "Jumpstart" my project again!
Brendan Feltrup-Exum
I am still very new to rails and have figured out most of the basic CRUD functions and a few other bits and pieces. However, I am building an app to manage location scouting for film/television. Due to Covid the film industry got shut down and I have been out of work since, but I figured maybe I could get something built up to help myself and others in the industry making the task of location management a bit easier.
Donal O Duibhir
3rd outing with 2 previous RoR attempts. Loving Jumpstart. Am building a troubleshooting tool for remote workers (friends, family, or your work tribe), starting with a focus on MAC OSX (using a native agent in your taskbar).. and it hones in on WiFi/WLAN, network, and system related issues. It uses Telegraf and Influx but the front-end smarts and logic will be the SaaS app (accelerated dev by JumpStart)... https://pansift.com ... kinda' Thousand Eyes for the user edge... love to get some early access sign-ups if anyone interested in using for their folks or teams :)
pansift.png 174 KB

pansift2-agent.png 38.2 KB
Nicholas Seferos
Very excited to say I have launched my non-budgeting app getmana.app

It is a new way of thinking about personal finance and about spending intentionally on things that bring you value. Getting away from the standard and boring budget and into the intentionality of what you are consuming and why (with a familiar and fun interface, works best on mobile).

After months of fiddling around with building this from scratch (I was intending on using my JSP license for another scratched project), I finally started building with JSP and the entire project shaped up in no time. I am very excited to continue building this and launching an iOS app with JSP.

Thank you Chris & friends for building this.
Ekapob Ukritnukun
I'm building a one-stop-shop for trusted product reviews. Users can quickly discover products and services recommended by their friends and family and confidently make the perfect purchases.
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