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You can clone Jumpstart Pro from our Git repository and merge updates at any time.

Using Jumpstart Pro with Git

Git provides an easy way to merge changes from Jumpstart Pro into your application. This is handy when new features or improvements are added to Jumpstart Pro and you'd like to merge them into your application.

Clone The Repository

First, you'll need to clone Jumpstart Pro from GitHub when you create your application. We'll call our application my-app, but you should change it to your application name.

git clone git@github.com:jumpstart-pro/jumpstart-pro-rails.git my-app
cd my-app
git remote rename origin jumpstart-pro

This example shows the Rails repository, but you'll want to change this for iOS or Android.

Create Your Git Repository

Now that we have a clone of Jumpstart Pro, we need to create a GitHub repository to host our application.

GitHub GitLab BitBucket

We can then add a new remote called origin, point it to our new repository and push the code up to it.

git remote add origin git@github.com:your-account/your-new-repo.git
git push -u origin main

Merging updates from Jumpstart Pro

We can then use git to fetch and merge updates into your application.

git fetch jumpstart-pro
git merge jumpstart-pro/main