You can clone Jumpstart Pro from our Git repository and merge updates at any time.

Installing Jumpstart Pro with Git

The Git version of Jumpstart Pro allows you to easily merge in changes from newer versions whenever you like. We use GitHub for our Git hosting, so you'll need an account to clone the repository.

1. Connect your GitHub account on JumpstartRails.com

2. Click "Use this template" on the GitHub repository to create a new repository using this template.

You're all set!

Merging Updates

First, we need to add a remote for the Jumpstart Pro repository.

git remote add jumpstart git@github.com:jumpstart-pro/jumpstart-pro.git

To merge updates, use git merge from the jumpstart origin.

git fetch jumpstart
git merge jumpstart/master --allow-unrelated-histories

Keep in mind, the more customization you do, the harder merges will be. Instead of merging from jumpstart, you might want to cherry pick commits or manually apply changes to you repository.