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Notifications for Jumpstart Pro are built-in using the Noticed gem and allows delivering notifications across any medium.

Creating Notifications

To generate a new notification, run the following:

rails g noticed:notifier NewComment

This will generate app/notifiers/new_comment_notifier.rb. The Notifier file includes comments to help customize the message, url, and delivery methods.

Sending Notifications

To deliver a notification to users, run the following:

NewCommentNotifier.with(account: @comment.account, comment: @comment).deliver_later(@comment.post.owner)

This will write the notification to the database and perform any other deliveries that are configured for the Notifier.


Jumpstart Pro ships with an ApplicationNotifier that notifiers inherit from. This parent class is responsible for handling anything that all notifications should have just like ApplicationRecord does for your models.

Delivery Methods

Check the Noticed gem's readme to see the full list of delivery methods and how to create your own. Here are a few of the supported delivery methods:

  • Database
  • Email
  • ActionCable
  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • Vonage

Use the :action_cable delivery method to broadcast notifications to the navbar immediately. Generated notifications include ActionCable as an example by default.

class NewComment < ApplicationNotification
  deliver_by :action_cable do |config|
    config.message = ->(notification) {
        # Filters notification client side to the user's current account. Removing this always renders the notification.
        account_id: notification.account_id,

        # Used for inserting the notification into the navbar
        html: ApplicationController.render(partial: "notifications/notification", locals: {notification: notification}),

        # Used for triggering a native brower Notification API
        # https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/notification
        browser: {
          title: "",
          options: {}

Native browser notifications will only be shown if the user has granted permission.


Notifiers have been modified to have a belongs_to :account association. This allows you to send notifications to a specific account for a user if you would like.

By default, ApplicationNotification writes the recipient's personal account ID but you can override this by passing in account: recipients_account_to_notify in the notification params. Just make sure the account is one of the recipient's accounts.

Deliver notification to a user's account

NewCommentNotifier.with(account: @comment.post.account, comment: @comment).deliver(@comment.post.owner)

Warning: Do not include acts_as_tenant on Noticed models or you won't be able to create notifications for other users correctly.