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Build products faster in Ruby on Rails

Jumpstart Pro helps you build products incredibly fast. It provides all the foundations you need to build a product so you can focus on your idea.

On a mission to empower Ruby on Rails developers

Building products is hard. We've built our fair share and we've noticed the problems you always run into.

Something as simple as adding Teams to your application can get really tricky, really fast. We've learned this the hard way and that's why we built Jumpstart Pro. It comes with everything out of the box, it's well designed and it sticks to the Ruby on Rails philosophy.

You want to build a product and we want to help you. Building products has changed our lives in ways we couldn't imagine and we want to help you achieve that success too.

Build faster

Everything your app needs and more

Building a product with Ruby on Rails doesn't get easier than Jumpstart Pro.


Choose from Stripe, Paddle, Braintree, or PayPal to launch your product quickly.

Multitenancy & Accounts

First-class multitenancy support lets you share resources with your team and keep them secure.

Hotwire & Turbo Ready

We're using the latest Ruby on Rails technology and keep it up-to-date so you can build products quickly and with small, efficient teams.


Fully integrated authentication system to keep your app secure


Webhooks are wired up to automatically email customers PDF receipts and invoices.


Keep your customers in the loop with new features and updates using our built-in announcement system.

User Impersonation

Customer support is a breeze with impersonation so you can login and help users with your product.


Create a stunning application with a utility-first CSS framework and TailwindUI.

API Included

Roll your own API to easily connect with other apps or services

Easy Upgrades

Pull in updates to your Jumpstart Pro app at anytime from our Git repository.

Notifications & Mentions

We've got you covered with realtime notifications in the database, navbar, email, Slack, and more.

Staging Environment

Your Jumpstart Pro app comes with a staging environment out of the box so you can test things before launching to production.

Fully Customizable

You can customize absolutely anything in your Jumpstart Pro app. We follow Rails best practices to make it easy to understand and learn from.

Internationalization (I18n)

Jumpstart Pro is fully internationalized and comes with translations for several languages out of the box.

Social Logins with OAuth

We make it super simple to enable login with Twitter, Google, Facebook, GitHub and any other OAuth provider.

Jumpstart Pro

Jumpstart Pro is everything you need, and nothing you don't. As an entrepreneur, I need to get my product to market fast. Jumpstart Pro gave me the leverage to build my idea and leave the 50% boiler plate code in the dust. I would highly recomend this to anyone starting their next project.

Austin Miller
Austin Miller

Fully Integrated Payment Processors

Adding Payments to your Ruby on Rails application is hard to get right. We've integrated the most popular payment providers for you so you can focus on your product, not on payments.


We built Jumpstart Pro to solve the repetitive problems of configuring a new rails app ...It's like Laravel Spark, but for Ruby on Rails. All your Rails apps should start off with a bunch of great defaults saving you time and energy.

What’s new with Jumpstart?

Check out Jumpstart’s latest change log featuring updates and new features

Ruby 3.1

Jumpstart Pro now runs Ruby 3.1!
Check out the Ruby 3.1 release notes to see the new changes like YJIT, the new Debug gem, and more.

🔥 Realtime Rails Scaffolds with Hotwire

We've updated the scaffold generator in Jumpstart Pro Rails to take full advantage of Hotwire. New records will be added, updated, and removed in realtime as actions are taken.

Want to see it in action?

🎉 Rails 7.0 upgrade!

We've updated Jumpstart Pro to the brand new Rails 7.0 release! This version has been tested with Jumpstart Pro since September and includes many great new features.
Read more about the Rails 7.0 changes.

As part of this release, we've replaced attr_encrypted with the built-in Encryption in Rails 7. This keeps our code simpler and better supported in the long run.

Ruby 3.1 only 9 days away, so it's going to be an exciting December. I hope you enjoy the new changes!
Jumpstart Pro

In my previous life, I was a PM who was constantly bombarded with requests to build things. Our engineering team was tiny so we had to be ruthless with what got worked on and what didn't — so everything was scored and prioritized against our own set of criteria. It helped everyone else see not only what was getting built, but why. So I put my process into software form. I couldn't have built it without JumpstartPro!

Corinn Pope
Corinn Pope

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